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Re: debian on i486

[attempting to clear a little bit of the backlog of unanswered
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On Fri, Nov 22, 2002 at 02:34:43PM +0000, Arthur Schuchter wrote:
> my problem..I want to use Linux Debian on a I486 33MHz 4MB RAM !! 
> maschine, which distribution would you suggest ? Is it possible with
> this distribution,

Debian might by now be the only distribution whose binaries still run
on pre-Pentium processors, so in principle it is possible to use it on
such an old machine.

However, 4MB is really *very* little memory, and I guess the HD is
also really small. Unless you're an experienced Linux user, I wouldn't
try installing Debian on the machine - you'd have to resort to all
kinds of tricks to get the installer to run, and maybe you'd even have
to compile a custom kernel.

> would be great if you could send me the direct ftp link as well,
> because my firewall is denying all transfer concerning ftp

There are lots of mirrors that offer HTTP access. See



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