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Few questions


I'm the admin for a Debian mirror here at school.  The host is currently
mirroring Debian stable, both Potato and Woody, as well as updates.  I've
also had interest in providing Debian ISOs as well.  The person providing
the space and bandwidth for this host wants real ISOs in addition to what
is offered by jigdo.  So, I've done just that.  I used the jigdo script to
create Debian 3.0r0 ISOs from my local mirror here, and I've tested them
and they seem fine.  So, I'll have a directory structure that looks
something like:


with all 7 ISOs under that directory, and a jigdo directory under the
3.0_r0 directory with the appropriate jigdo files in case anyone wants to
use that method instead.  Does this look ok?  Anything too unorthodox
about my setup here?  Any suggestions at all?  Again, I'm providing the
ISOs at the request of the person that is kind enough to provide the
bandwidth and hardware here at school for my project.


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