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Updates to entry for The Leather Collection iTeam in http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/


I hope this is the correct avenue to contact the maintainer of the list
of Debian CD vendors.

1. Please update the entry for The Leather Collection iTeam as follows:

   a. URL for our Debian page is now
      <http://iteam.leathercollection.ph/cd_prices> (no ".html" extension).

   b. We sell CDs built using jigdo for the official non-US version. I
      don't know if this qualifies us for "Official CD" listing, but I
      do not think the "Custom Release" entry is accurate since we do
      not customize Debian CDs for customers.

   c. Contact email address is iteam@leathercollection.ph

2. I noticed that while we are listed, the Philippines is not listed on
   the list of countries "represented" on the top of the page.

3. If we allow contributions to the project through us, how do we remit
   these to Debian from Manila, Philippines?

Thank you.

 --> Jijo

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