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free linux cd

I have been keen to switch to LINUX and have
purchased two versions of LINUS O/S but have not been able to setup the
system in GUI Mode since I have a VINTRON Mother Board (Intel i810e Chipset)
and that is not being supported by the LINUX O/S. May I request you to send
me a CD with the latest LINUX O/S containing KDE, GNOME, SQL , PERL and all
development tools on the following address :-
Engineering Projects ( India ) Ltd
( A Govt of India Ltd )
50, Chowringhee Road ,   Kolkata
India  700 071
Phone :  +91 (033) 282 4426/ 4427/  4429
Fax     :  +91 (033) 2824428
email  : epi@cal.vsnl.net.in

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