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Re: FW: Payment Accepted!

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 07:47:49AM -0600, Tim C. Perry wrote:
> I ordered a set of CD's from bestlinuxcds.com in early September. 
> Even though my account was debited for the payment of the CD's in
> early September, as of 10/29/02 I still have not received the CD's. 
> Follow-up emails first got no reply and most recently got an
> automated return without indication of when I could expect shipment.
> Any suggestion you can offer would be appreciated. At a minimum, I
> thought you should know that bestlinuxcds.com may not be an
> organization you should be recommending on your web site.

They were removed from our list 1.5 months ago due to a number of
complaints like yours. Recently, they claimed to have reorganized
their business and to have started shipping CDs again...



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