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Re: misspelling on page

On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 02:37:01PM +0200, Przepióra Jacek wrote:
> From 
> --proxy-user 
> to 
> --http-user
> from
> --proxy-passwd
> to 
> --http-passwd 
> in the paragrah that titled "How do I make jigdo use my proxy?"

No - that's not the same thing!

The --proxy-user/passwd switches are for HTTP proxies with
authentication, i.e. you need to pass the password to
proxy.local.network in order for that machine ("proxy") to give you
access to whatever site on the net you want to access.

In contrast, --http-user/passwd specifies a password just for the one
single *website* you want to connect to, not for the proxy.

Since the page answers the question "How do I make jigdo use my
_proxy_?", the current answer is correct. :)


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