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Bug#164771: Fw: Package: cdimage.debian.org : description, booting with binary-sparc-1.iso on a sparc 10 system through cdrom

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From: victor
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 1:32 PM
Subject: installation of debian-sparc .iso on sparc10 failure

Dear sirs,
I run into much trouble doing the titled installation work.
I downloaded the three pieces of debian potato images binary-sparc-1 to 3 .iso from the web and burned the images on to CDs with Nero,
easy CD creator and adaptec CD.
The Adaptec and easy cd versions, when i did test cdrom on the ok prompt after stop-a,  tested ok but when I say boot cdrom it
hangs (I don't see cdrom light blink).
The Nero version didn't even pass the test cdrom gives a signal=-1 failure.
I don't know if I need to do more for a classic sparc 10 than other pcs.
The link I used to download the debian images is:
I also tried to use the gentoo and zoot sparc downloads but it gives me bad magic number in disk label, can't open disk label package
error msgs.
I'm wondering should I use the part of the boot code inside the .iso sparc-1 disk and reimage it to a smaller .iso and boot the sparc10
first and then do the rest later?
Also, should I copy the .iso file exactly to CD or should I use copy image file to CD which gives me the folders and files visible on CD?
Pls let me know if I've done something wrong here, many many thanks!
Bst Rgds,

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