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Vendor Tux CDs is a sham

Dear Debian CD team,

This email regards your list of vendors at :

Vendor: Tux CDs
URL: http://www.tuxcds.com/
URL for Debian Page: http://www.tuxcds.com/

This company is a sham.  I paid to them $27.00 via paypal and never got
the Debian CDs I was ordering.  I notified them twice over a month.  I
never got a reply.  I paid priority shipping.

Please remove Tux CDs from your list of vendors.  If they are not shipping
out their orders, they are probably not giving Debian the money that is
donated to the cause.

Austin Swinney

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 11:57:44 -0700
From: service@paypal.com
To: paypal@swinney.org
Subject: Receipt for your Payment

This email confirms that you have paid Tux CD's $27.00
using PayPal.



  Item Name:   Debian 2.2 r6 (i386) 3 CD Set
  Item Number:
  Item Amount:
  Quantity:    1


  Item Name:   Debian 2.2 r6 (Source) 3 CD Set
  Item Number:
  Item Amount:
  Quantity:    1


  Item Name:   Priority Shipping
  Item Number:
  Item Amount:
  Quantity:    1

     Cart Subtotal:  $27.00
Sales Tax (0.000%):  $0.00
        Cart Total:  $27.00

Payment Details:

Amount: $27.00
Transaction ID: 22W15455T1060603M
Buyer: Austin Swinney

Business Information:

Business: Tux CD's
Contact E-Mail: sales@tuxcds.com

Austin Swinney's CONFIRMED Address

Austin Swinney
4604 Dawn Ln
Soquel, CA 95073

If you have questions about the shipping and tracking of your
purchased item or service, please contact Tux CD's
at sales@tuxcds.com.

This payment was sent using your credit card.

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