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Re: Mirror volunteer desired

> > I can offer you an account on my machine where you can keep the files up
> > to date. Interested?
> Awesome! Let me know what I need to do! And much thanks to the other people
> who volunteered space for the files!


Well... I don't like sending unencrypted passwords all over, so... Do you
have a PGP key? Send me your public key, I'll send you the details.

I'd like to have them under http://iso.softwarelibre.org.mx/cover/ or
something like it, do you agree? (I have a couple of ISO images at this
site, and I think it'd be logical for your stuff to be next to it)


Gunnar Wolf - gwolf@campus.iztacala.unam.mx - (+52-55)5623-1118
PGP key 1024D/8BB527AF 2001-10-23
Fingerprint: 0C79 D2D1 2C4E 9CE4 5973  F800 D80E F35A 8BB5 27AF

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