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Re: Debian on DVD+RW

> Has anyone actually burned a debian DVD from the
jigdo download?

I used the same Woody 3.0 inage as Greg C. Madden

> DVD+RW media has a usable size of ~4.37GB and I'm
trying to burn this 

I think (please correct me) it is 143 433 blocks of
32kB each which is 4 700 340 224 bytes. This
equivalent to 4.447 GB or 4.700 salesman-GB.

> iso using NERO.  (Yes I did assemble it through
jigdo-0.6.8 in linux)

I use sdd (dd works too) as suggested by Andy Polyakov
the author of growisofs.

> -rw-r--r--  1 myles 4918312960 Aug 23 11:34

> Nero says it's too big.  (Nero 5.5.9 with HP

Attila Nagy at fsn.hu is aware of it.


Chan Tai Man

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