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Re: sarge CDs

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 14:31, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Attila Nagy 
> | I'm also interested in the build process (preferably an automatical
> | build) for SID. For the boot-floppies I did this for months and the users
> | who wanted to try out the latest in Debian could do that (for both the
> | boot-floppies and the packages).
> | 
> | You may or may not agree with this of course :)
> check out the debian-installer module from debian-boot cvs.  Enter the
> build directory, run make TYPE=cdrom floppy_image.  Use the floppy
> image in dest/

OK, I've finally got round to giving this a try, and it complains about
wanting to download about 20 packages, mostly -udeb packages, as well as
others such as rootskel anna main-menu etc.

I presume that's what this comment relates to:

> This also needs the udebs to be on the CDs, something which is not in
> place yet.

I can see that some (all?) of these are available as source in the
debian-installer tree, but before I start flailing around trying to get
them where the Makefile wants them, I thought I'd ask what the standard
procedure is, so what is it?  or am I wasting my time, and should just
strip out all the bootability stuff for sarge CDs for the moment?

Cheers, Phil.
> This also needs the udebs to be on the CDs, something which is not in
> place yet.
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