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Bug#157014: Debian 3.0r0 Images are "unstable"

package: cdimage.debian.org

Martin Brodbeck (on debian-user-german) and Rustam Yangibayev (on 
debian-cd) pointed out that current Debian 3.0r0 Jigdo-Images are 
classified as "unstable" in /etc/apt/sources.lst when added with 
apt-cdrom. This breaks interoperation with online ressources and pin 
preferences. cd-only users are not affected.


1) change "unstable" to "stable" in /etc/apt/sources.list on all
   cdrom entries

2) rename lists in /var/lib/apt/lists e.g. like from "unstable" 
   to "stable" manually or for example like this:

ls Deb* | sed 's/\(.*\)unstable\(.*\)/mv \"&\" \"\1stable\2\"/' | sh

Note: first make a dry-run without "|sh" and verify the output

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