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jigdo on Win98 a no-go?


I just tried to dload the woody ISOs via jigdo-lite
0.6.8 for Windows and no dice.  I run it like this
from a DOS prompt in Windows 98:

jidgo-~1 woody-i386-1.jigdo

(having dloaded the jigdo and template file to the
same directory the executable is in)

and get the following:

jigdo-file: Invalid command `woody-i386-1.jigdo'
(Must be one of: make-template mt make-image mi
print-missing pm print-missing-all pma verify ver scan
sc list-template ls md5sum md5)
jigdo-file: Try `jigdo-file -h' or `man jigdo-file'
for more information

Anyone familiar with this script know what's going on?

-- O

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