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Re: jigdo: how to keep an iso up to date?

This is my first post on this list, so hi everybody.

It took me a while to figure it out too, the documentation is not giving
much attention to it, but there is some info on the jigdo site (See the FAQ)

You have to redownload the template everytime you want to update your image,
mount your CD image and make jigdo look for packages installed on it.

After it is done scanning the CD (or image), it will download the packages
that have been updated.

You have to remember to delete the .template and the .jigdo before you try
to update. If you dont, the program will automatically use those files
instead of downloading the new ones.

I hope this helps!


-------Original Message-------
From: Arjen Verweij
Date: Sunday, August 11, 2002 17:36:57
To: debian-cd@lists.debian.org
Subject: jigdo: how to keep an iso up to date?

I have managed to dload the NON-US iso image for Debian 3.0 on my
sturdy 80kbit/s link using jigdo. According to the website of Richard
Atterer it should be possible to keep iso images up to date using jigdo as
well. My question is, how to go about this. I can't find any documentation
that describes this, but maybe I am overlooking something?

Maybe one of you knows the answer.

Best regards,


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