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Re: Forthcoming release of CD images for Debian 3.0 rev0 ("woody")

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 03:34:25PM +0200, Othmar Pasteka wrote:
> where does one get the, more or less, master images?

Via jigdo, or rsync if you bribe Phil.

> or where to get the MD5Sums? cdimage.debian.org? at least i couldn't
> find direct instructions about this issue on cdimage.d.o.

Oh, yes, I've updated the FAQ, now that things have settled down and
the MD5SUMS files have ended up alongside the jigdo files in

> btw. just reading http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#verify, clicking
> on the link of the master site doesn't reveal 3.x md5sums.

Indeed. :-/

> btw. I also looked at http://www.debian.org/CD/mirroring/ ...

/CD/mirroring/ is horribly outdated... I was just going to update the
page and then realized that I don't know what mirroring method we
should recommend:

  - debcdmirror (PIK-based) is no longer supported - or is it??

  - rsync-based without debcdmirror is kind of pointless (except for
    mirroring weekly snapshots whose filenames stay the same) - before
    we recommend that, we might as well switch over to plain HTTP/FTP
    (password-protected of course...)

  - jigdo-mirror is still new and has seen little testing. Also, it
    currently needs a local Debian package mirror (I want to change

What do people (especially you, Phil!-) think, what should we say on

> > A jigdo-based mirror requires
> >  - setting up a normal Debian FTP mirror
> >    <http://www.debian.org/mirror/>
> >  - setting up HTTP mirroring of the .jigdo/.template files at
> >    <http://cdimage.debian.org/jigdo-area/current/jigdo/>
> >  - setting up a cronjob which runs jigdo-mirror about once a day. 
> >    Alternatively, you can also run jigdo-mirror manually whenever
> >    a new version of the CDs is released.
> >  - configuring jigdo-mirror. This should be easy, it hardly needs
> >    more information than the paths to the .jigdo/.template files
> >    and your Debian FTP mirror.
> how is the normal jigdo working? getting its jigdo/template files? 
> from a specified rsync location? or http or ftp? if so, is there a
> naming convention?

"Normal jigdo"?

You first mirror the whole dir structure underneath
<http://cdimage.debian.org/jigdo-area/current/jigdo/> via HTTP/FTP,
then hand your local copy of current/jigdo/ and your local Debian
mirror to jigdo-mirror.

> i know this is a horribly old mail, but somehow this isn't correct,
> they still carry 2.2_rev7. was there another mail to the mirror
> maintainers because i can't see another one about this ...

No, there was no other mail. I think the rsync path has changed. What
was the new path again? And Phil, is it still password-protected?



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