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Re: nfs for lan for DVD

>On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Richard Atterer wrote:
>>On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 11:35:48AM -0500, bbennet wrote:
>>> ftp slow:
>>> local ftp gets 10 files and 
>>> then makes a 4.6 gigabyte DVD tmp file
>>> then the DVD tmp file disappears
>>> Then it gets 10 more files.
>>> Then it makes another 4.6 gigabyte DVD tmp file.
>>Really? - this Should Not Happen(tm)! The tmp file is only created
>>once, afterwards small parts of it are overwritten.
>>Maybe you're using jigdo-lite 0.6.5 or earlier. Big file support in
>>jigdo only works with v0.6.6 or later.
>dpkg -l jigdo-file shows 0.6.5-1
>I just got it from my mirror and it was run yesterday.
>went to a new mirror
>apt-get install jigdo-file
>It says I have the latest thing 0.6.5-1

I just went to your fine site and got the 0.6.8 deb installed.

Will fling self `once more into the breach'.

Thanks for the info.

Have a good one.

Cheers, Bill Bennet

"Where the only monopoly we support has a Boardwalk and a Baltic Avenue."

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