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Re: DVD signoff

On 25 Jul 2002, Philip Hands wrote:

> OK, so we've had positive reports for i386 & ia64, and no negative
> reports so far.
> Should I just assume that all the DVDs that I succeed in building (which
> is still missing a few) are OK, and sign them, or do people think we
> should wait for success reports independently for each arch?
> BTW Lance, you've grabbed these, haven't you --- have you tried testing
> the DVDs you're planning on burning?  I wouldn't want to sign of the
> source DVDs only to find they're broken in some way.  

I grabbed i386 and source, at the moment I'm producing a dlt tape that 
I'll send to the pressing plant, then wait to hear from them that its ok 
to use.

Trouble is they use a proprietary format produced by dvd mastering 
software, I said all they needed was an old 486 with a big hard disk 
running Debian - I'd send them a dlt containing the iso and all they had 
to do was run tar -xvf /dev/nst0 , but they remained unconvinced.

Still the cost is going against their R&D budget ...

If that fails I'm getting a dvd-r machine tomorrow and will send them 2 x 
dvd-r which should work.

> I know you noticed the sarge...Sources thing, but that file's different 
> from the Woody one in only a few apparently irrelevant lines, so I 
> wouldn't think it was worth re-doing the images for that, but I'd like 
> to hear that the disk comes out readable before you get thousands of the 
> things pressed.

So would I !!

I think we'll get a test prssing of 10 disks done first ...



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