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Is fsn.hu SID (20020702) DVD image too large?

I finished downloaded SID (20020702) DVD images
(.jigdo and .template time stamps are 07/03/02) from

  sid-i386-1.jigdo        281 KB  07/03/02  06:55:00
  sid-i386-1.template  139270 KB  07/03/02  06:51:00
  sid-i386-2.jigdo          6 KB  07/03/02  06:53:00
  sid-i386-2.template    7510 KB  07/03/02  06:53:00

However, the resulted sid-i386-1.iso is five

  5060952064 Jul  4 19:15 sid-i386-1.iso
  66551808   Jul  4 18:36 sid-i386-2.iso

Would it be too large to fit into a DVD? I would think


Iota Small

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