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About harware detection and configuration tools in 1st CD


I still think, that including some packages on 1st CD (which use just little space) would improve much debian woody installation from CDs. I got no answer to my suggestions about improving 1st debian CD and desktop task from official maintainer :(

Previously Philip Hands wrote:
OK, the latest cut is much better:
Note' this is the diff against the "With X, but missing TeX" pre6, so
the fact that there is no mention of things like xdm means they're still
on CD#1

I've checked this file and also file

and found that some packages, that should be in 1st CD like apt-fronted, hardware autodetection package and network configuration (aptitude - ~1MB, discover - ~150kb, etherconf - ~20kb) are not in 1st CD.

How can simple user use debian if there are no packages, that configures harware and network and no usable package managment tools (dselect and command line is too hard for beginers) ?

All distributions include hardware autodetection and configuration packages in 1st CD, why debian should be less user-friendly, than others ? Installation of debian woody already is not so simle, but now it is even more difficult, because there are no hardware autodetection package, no network configuration and no usefull package managment program in 1st CD :(

I found that many not so usefull packages are included in 1st CD, like:
+Debian:pool/main/p/penguineyes/penguineyes-gnome_0.10-22_i386.deb (244 kb)
+Debian:pool/main/p/penguineyes/penguineyes_0.10-22_i386.deb (238 kb)

Do you think that users like to see penguineyes instead of working operating system ?

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> wrote:
The current CDs are made basically using the data produced by the
popularity-contest package. Debian is for everybody, not just for
beginners. If package A is more popular than package B, then A is more
likely to be included in CD#1, even if it's less user-friendly than B.

In my opinion this principle is basically right and should not be changed.

Data, produced by popularity-contest is not reliable, because only few percent of debian users uses popularity-contest package. I know no simple users, that uses popularity-contest package and only few avanced users. And data, produced by popularity-contest are only about systems, connected to internet, but CD is most usefull to users, that have no internet connection. We need better system, to hear not only advanced users oppinion but other users too. Most simple users don't like debian, because they think, that there are not user-friendly configuration tools (they simply download 1 CD, try to install and find that they are rigth). But if we include some tools (packages which I mentioned before and some graphical configuration tools, like stormpkg (~100 kb), user-friendly graphical configuration tools, developed by Progeny: python-configlet (35kb), configlet-frontends (20kb), timezoneconf (30kb), localeconf (20kb) and maybe some more hardware detection packages: kudzu, sndconfig) people would see that debian is not so difficult to use. (see for example Progeny Debian - is very user-friendly for all - beginners and advanced users)

Waiting for changes ;),
Mantas Kriauciunas <monte@mail.lt>

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