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Where to send installation reports?


I'm a fairly experienced Debian i386 user who just got himself an Apple
iBook.  I know next to zilch about the Mac, and have had a number of false
starts at installing Debian on the thing.

I have some feedback for The Powers That Be about my installation
experience, and I'm also keeping some notes on
http://tinyplanet.ca/pubs/debian/ibook/ , and it will eventually get added
as an appendix to my "Painless Debian GNU/Linux" docco at
http://tinyplanet.ca/pubs/debian/ .

So far I have had no success in getting Debian to coexist with the MacOS.
No, I am not asking for help, because I want to see how far I can get using
only the published documentation.

My question is: is debian-cd the appropriate place to discuss this?  Or
should I use debian-powerpc, or debian-boot, or...?

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