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Re: What kernel stuff on CD1? Was Still no TeX in CD#1

On Thu, 30 May 2002, Joey Hess wrote:

> Santiago Vila wrote:
> > I would like to hear some comments about this from whoever created
> > this weird "basic-desktop" task.
> Well, take a look at tasksel's changelog:
>   * Make the basic-desktop task incude all of x-window-system (so it gets a
>     WM and xterm and so on), while the desktop task uses just
>     x-window-system-core (because it already has a WM and so on from
>     gnome and kde). Closes: #129217
> I did the best I could within the constraints of the freeze and the available
> X metapackages.

What's wrong with basic-desktop being x-window-system-core plus a WM
plus xterm? As I said, x-window-system contains things which are far
away from being "basic". If we force it to be on CD #1, lots of very
popular packages will end up being in CD #2.

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