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Re: open.hands.com (aka ftp.uk.d.o & cdimage.d.o) restored to good health

On Wed 29 May, Philip Hands wrote:

> If you were switching away from ftp.uk.d.o because of it's ongoing
> flakiness you are probably safe to switch back --- I gave it a full
> hardware transplant last week (only the hard drives remain the same) and
> it's been up ever since.  It's shifting data noticeably faster as well.

I tried going back to it about 4 days ago, which I beleive was after the
transplant but it would still only rsync for at most half an hour before
giving me the usual 'error in io stream'.

.no was doing this the day before yesterday too after working fine for some
time. It was that that caused me to make the fatal swap. I notced that it
always stopped in the same place pool/main/a/aumix-something, a file not on
my copy, so I assume this error means 'error reading file on server' or
something like that. After 2 days it went away so I've gone back to /no which
has now been syncing happily for some 26 hrs.

So I assume that long rsync's tend to be tripped up by changes on the server.
ftp.uk did work for me a few weeks ago quite well, but then went all
unreliable sometime around the beginning of May - as I think I reported to
you Phil. Not sure what's going on, but .de was similar - worked for a bit
and then started 'error in io stream'ing after short periods. So far .no is
wining the long rsync reliability competition by miles.

Do you know if your upload queue is working? I wasn't last time I tried a
few weeks back (it's just an upload black-hole - things upload but never make
it to ftp-master). I've gone back to erlangen.

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