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Re: What kernel stuff on CD1? Was Still no TeX in CD#1

On May 24, Philip Charles wrote:
> I have been convinced.
> What kernel images, packages, source, patches do we want on CD1?
> At the moment we have, rough list.  Resubmitted in case you have deleated
> it.  What no source!

Certainly all the 2.4.16 packages could go; there's no point in having
them and 2.4.18 as well.  FWIW I'd ditch the whole lot of precompiled
images (they're not on my CDs any more), especially since most are
already on the CD as part of boot-floppies, but that's just me.

kernel-source-2.2.20 and kernel-source-2.4.18 are probably the most
useful; I'd add pcmcia-source and kernel-package too.

(I also added kernel-patch-2.2-ext3 for good measure; maybe some other
patches would be nice if they're small.)

Chris Lawrence <chris@lordsutch.com> - http://www.lordsutch.com/chris/

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