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Re: Still no TeX in CD#1

On Thu, 23 May 2002, Santiago Vila wrote:

> I've checked the pre6 images and teTeX is still in CD #2.
> I made a very simple and precise question about this:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-cd/2002/debian-cd-200205/msg00133.html
> but nobody answered. What's the problem?

This goes back about two months, IIRC.

At that stage almost all the tasks were split over the first two CDs which
in effect made the first CD useless as far as tasksel was concerned.

Modifications were suggested to make tasksel function better, but these
were vetoed as we were too close to the release.  Fair enough.

The only alternative was to get as many complete tasks onto the first CD.
A number of combinations were tried and the best was to move i18n and tex
to CD2.  All the other tasks are completely on CD1.

Unfortunately, some i18n and tex packages are on CD1 so tasksel thinks
that they are available, but they are not.  We were advised that this
problem should be mentioned in the relevant documentation.  I do not know
if this has been done.

No value judgement was made about tex.  This particular split was made to
ensure that the first CD works as well as possible.  From memory, the next
best package configuration was to move all of i18n to the first CD, but
this meant that more tasks were on the second CD.

Testing the various combinations is complex and time consuming, so please
do not make suggestions unless the package ordering has been thoroughly


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