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Re: custom boot cd

On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 12:22:29AM +0100, David Murphy wrote:
> I'll probably try unpacking the ISO and see if that does the trick :)
> I guess all I should need to do is mount rescue.bin and copy the new custom
> kernel into it, overwriting linux.bin and then run rdev.sh.
> Is there a configuration file to tell the loader where to find the kernel
> because there are at least 2 boot-floppy folders on my ISO, both of which
> contain valid kernels?

If you're using a version of CD1, then look for a /isolinux directory. If
that exists, you should be able to just configure isolinux to look at a
different kernel. If you're not using an isolinux CD, then you need to pass
the rescue image to boot with to mkisofs (you need to specify various
options to mkisofs in any event, look for "boot" in the manpage: isolinux
needs -no-emul-boot, install syslinux and read the docs)

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