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Re: problem using JIGDO-EASY2WIN

On Thu, May 23, 2002 at 11:15:14AM +0530, Kunal Shah wrote:
> Is there any way we can measure the download. I mean,
> is there anyway we can see how much is downloaded
> out of 670mb cd ?
> I need this information to calculate the time needed to download the cd.

jigdo doesn't give you that information, but it's quite easy to
estimate it.

You can get a very rough idea by looking at the messages "Found X of
the Y parts required by the template". The "Y" gets smaller and
smaller - when it reaches 0, the image is complete.

Alternatively, look at the output of wget, which includes something
like "(20.1 kB/s)" at the end. The whole image is about 650MB, so you
can calculate e.g. 650MB/20.1kB*s = 9.19 hours. You probably need to
increase that 9.19 by 25% or so to account for the time that jigdo
spends recreating the image.

Unfortunately, in both cases it will be difficult to read those
messages because jigdo-lite2win clears the screen all the time.



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