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Re: Mini-ISO updated for bf 3.0.23

On May 22, Steve Haslam wrote:
> OK, I'll poke around with what I've got at the moment and see if I can find
> out why these packages are being brought in... maybe I'll just drop a load
> of them into an exclude list....

I believe "make status" is responsible for most of the bloat; if you
poke around in that part of the makefile, you can probably streamline
it.  (I also recommend getting the latest debian-cd out of CVS if you
haven't already; make status seems to have been trimmed a bit lately
in the mainline debian-cd.  My code was a bit less subtle and just
makes a smaller status file on its own using debootstrap IIRC.)

Alternative B is to hack tasks/list2cds to remove the use of the
status file; with a well-formed TASK file, it's unneeded, though it is
nice to get a warning that the base system won't fit on a 5MB ISO...

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