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Re: loop problem with woody cd pre 5

On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 01:46:18AM -0600, Romel Sandoval wrote:
> I download the woody cd pre 5 and I have a problem during the base
> system configuration, this is after the installation system suggest me
> to reboot the machine: The time zone and password configuration have get
> in a loop and I cant go out of there. This happends with pre 3 too and
> with my two machines here.

There was a bug in base-config, now fixed.  Sounds like your CD has the
buggy version.  Options are: get a newer CD, install from the net, or
check maillist archives for debian-cd and debian-boot for possible
workarounds (iirc there was some post describing how to install a newer
base-config before rebooting to stage 2).


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