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dpkg, NFS, F_SETLK

If F_SETLK doesn't work on the /target filesystem,
dpkg refuses to operate ("unable to lock dpkg status database").

That's bad because F_SETLK doesn't always work on NFS.
(I can't get it to work in my current booting situation, and I don't
 have enough control over the nfs server to fumble.
 My client is the one built into woody_netinst-20020416-{powerpc,i386}.iso,
 the server is nfs-server of potato r5.)

I don't currently see a workaround from within the woody_netinst shell,
without recompiling dpkg.

Any one of the following changes to dpkg would have helped me to work
around or not have the problem:

o Use
  instead of
  as the lock file.  (workaround uses ramdisk)

o Use
  as the lock file if
  exists.  (workaround uses ramdisk)

o Don't care about locking if /dpkg-dont-lock exists.  (My favorite!)

o Fall back to some other locking mechanism (?) if F_SETLK
  is unavailable.  (Would be best, but needs some work.)

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