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New potato extra CD's on ftp.fsn.hu


Now I created new potato extra CD's.
url: ftp://ftp.fsn.hu/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/potato

- Now You can upgrade 2.2r0 to 2.2r6
- fsn/kernel24 removed (risko@debian.org's backport to use 2.4 kernels on
  potato.), Adrian Bunk's backports added instead.
- The first CD may bootable, and you can install the base system from that
- Ximian Gnome updated, and moved to 2nd CD.
- Refreshed kernel sources, and grsecurity and openwall mirror. (.rpm files
  are removed:) )

New Bugs:
- One of my users reported to me, that ``apt-cdrom add'' add a too long line
  to the sources.list. So apt may become unusable. Workaround: wrap the
  sources.lists line's into (,in syntactically correct way) more lines.

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