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netinst on powerpc


I want to install woody on a 'G4 Server 500' which has an Adaptec 2950's card.

I have tried to boot with netinst (20020215) woody for PPC and also with the CD 1 of woody (kernel 2.4.16, January).

With Netinst, the kernel 2.4 seems to miss in the iso. I can only boot with the 2.2, but I cant do anything with such an old kernel.

With the CD 1 of woody, I am able to load the kerbel 2.4 (2.4.16, January), but the installer does not find the scsi hard drive at all.

I guess 2.4.16 is too old as well.

I have tried to put the missing kernel in the netinst but was not able to boot with the new burned CD.

I have been able to install Mandrake 7.2 on that mac, but I dont want to use this system at all.

My questions are:

Is there a recent woody cd1 or netinst I could download for powerpc ? (ie, with kernel 2.4.18)

Otherwise, how could I generate the iso, since I dont have the mirror of debian at home ?

Finally, how can I update netinst properly to make it use the current bf2.4 ?

Thanks a lot,


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