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Re: tools/boot/woody/boot-i386 : jigdo images too large !

On Wed, 2002-05-08 at 10:28, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> but when I'm creating CDs I will tweak and retry if any CD is >=
> 680000000 bytes.

OK, I'll aim for that from now on.

In the light of this, I have the following size tweaks to shave a little
off the various archs:

==> tools/boot/woody/boot-i386.calc <==

==> tools/boot/woody/boot-m68k.calc <==

==> tools/boot/woody/boot-mips.calc <==

==> tools/boot/woody/boot-mipsel.calc <==

==> tools/boot/woody/boot-powerpc.calc <==

(the powerpc one is a bit conservative, but I got pissed off with it
producing outsized CDs)

Meanwhile, the arm and hppa and arm CDs keep only managing to get
something like 627146752 onto the 1_NONUS CDs, and I have no boot*.calc
files for them --- anyone know what's going on here?

Cheers, Phil.
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