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Re: About jigdo test on cdimage.d.o

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:

> On Thu, 2002-05-02 at 18:19, Heikki Vatiainen wrote:
> > The images were built correctly once maxMissing was raised above 25,
> > just as Mattias noted. It looks like about 80 files were fetched from
> > the snapshot archive for e.g. i386 disk 3.  This was the reason why I
> > only built three CDs since downloading hundreds of files for just
> > testing seemed like waste of bandwidth when an up-to-date mirror is
> > sitting on the same disk. Phil, are you planning to update the
> > snapshot soon?
> Yeah, will do tonight probably.  open's currently fscking it's /home,
> having marked /home read-only after finding a broken directory inode
> this afternoon.

Looks like 3.0-pre3 for i386 and source have been made available. I
gave them a try and now everything was taken from the local mirror
except of one file. This is
pool/main/g/geomview/geomview_1.8.1.orig.tar.gz and it looks like you
still have a corrupted file in your mirror. Please see my mail to
debian-cd on 11 April, you may have missed it then.

I am also interested in the general opinion if the test images should
be made publicly available. I have only built the images but I have not
otherwise tested them by burning them on a CD and trying to do the
actual installation.

Heikki Vatiainen                  * hessu@cs.tut.fi
Tampere University of Technology  * Tampere, Finland

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