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Re: New jigdo test on cdimage.d.o

On Wed, 2002-05-01 at 03:38, Mattias Wadenstein wrote:
> On 27 Apr 2002, Philip Hands wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've mostly finished off my "publish_cds" script, and the results are
> > available here:
> >
> >   http://cdimage.debian.org/jigdo-area/
> >
> > The structure is:
> >
> > The *.jigdo, *.template and MD5SUMS for each architecture are here:
> >
> >   jigdo-area/<version>/jigdo/<arch>/
> And the final images should go into /debian-cd/<version>/<arch>/ ?

I was thinking of putting them in a subdirectory:


Mainly because on open, the images will need to be on a different
partition from the snapshot (which has to live on /home because of the
hard-links to the archive).

It would also make it more obvious for people that want to mirror only
the images, or perhaps all bar the images.

Also, to start with at least, the images will only be a partial set on 
open, because leting people rsync 90-odd CDs off open would be a

AJ's latest suggestion, which seems like a good plan, is to point
cdimage.debian.org at raff.d.o instead of open, and have all the jigdo
files (which should have no non-US stuff in them, so raff being in the
USA os fine) and the main part of the 

Then we could just have the 1_NONUS images on open (as well as all the
jigdo files) and call it something like nonus-cds.d.o

> > and this is a hard-link farm built from the TDIR link farms for the
> > architectures, and so should have every file required for the jigdo
> > files:
> >
> >   jigdo-area/<version>/snapshot/
> >
> > The jigdo files should have the right URLs in for the template, and the
> > snapshot.
> Well, at lest the snapshot seems to work.
> > BTW does the fact that the template is pointing at cdimage in this file
> > mean that the whole world are going to try to pick up the templates from
> > there, rather than the mirror the grabbed the jigdo file from?
> Well, for the mirror situation, it (jigdo-mirror) seems to find them
> locally when you have mirrored it. Mirroring the snapshot is probably
> harder though.

Having raff as the home of the main snapshot seems to be the way to go

> > Anyway, have a play and tell me what breaks. The alpha and sparc images
> > are still not right, but I thought getting this out for testing was a
> > higher priority.
> Trying to build them now with (woody) jigdo-file and jigdo-mirror gives:
> Found 1322 of the 1356 files required by the template
> Copied input files to temporary file `image.tmp' - repeat command and
> supply more files to continue
> 2002-05-01 04:10:19:     34 parts still missing from image
> 2002-05-01 04:10:19:     Too many files missing in local mirror

Shouldn't it be getting the missing bits from the snapshot?

Cheers, Phil.
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