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Re: bootable CDs for mipsel [was: Reading fibmap]

Le Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 11:48:55PM +0200, Karsten Merker écrivait:
> > examining non-native binaries, but I've never used objcopy (native or
> > otherwise).
> I have never used binutils-multiarch before, just installed the package
> for the first time. 
> A first quick test indicates that it works, I am currently rebuilding
> the woody CD images with objdump and objcopy from binutils multiarch
> to be really sure. I'll let you know when my box is ready...

That would be cool. There's another thing that does worry me. All cd
images should be buildable on i386 without root rights.

That is: if you can avoid having to use the loopback mount, it would be

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