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Modification of my Boot-CD

Hi everybody!
I'm just another awful newbie...
I bought a new pc with recent hardware. I did the mistake to set up a raid0
with my promise pdc20265 chip onboard (a7v266-e) before installing linux. I
know that passionate administrators have their problems with that chip but i
don't want to touch my w2k yet for it is running pretty good. I'm not in this
higher ranks of computer knowledge with my youth anyway :-) Guess I would
hate it too, this Promise crap.
As for Suse8.0 is quite buggy I prefer sticking to debian.
So now my plan is to modify my set of Cd's to have it handle the chip. The
bf2.4 kernel image isn't able somehow :-( 
Here is my question:
How can I manage to replace the kernel hidden somewhere on the cd with my
own one? Wich files contain the kernel?
I have the feeling that the rescue.bin is of importance but i'm not sure,

Thanks a lot and kind regards

Eike Jenning aka Klaus Miller

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