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Re: Optimising Debian-CD

On Tue 09 Apr, Philip Hands wrote:
> Hi,

> I've been watching debian-cd running on open struggle with the trivia of
> generating things like Packages files, and md5sums, and it occurs to me
> that much of this could do with some work.

> For example the generation of the md5sum files would be done a lot
> quicker by a perl script that picks the pre-calculated md5sums out of
> the ftp archive's md5sum.gz file.

> Before I start this, does anyone have any reasons not to do this?  IMO
> it's actually better to use the master md5sums, because it gives a
> simple end-to-end sanity check.

This seems reasonable, but will it work properly on non-official CDs - or are
you only proposing this option for official CDs? ie on non-official Cds some
packages are (potentially) replaced by local ones with different MD5sums. I
don't think there is a pre-prepared md5sum.gz file to fish these out of (but
Icould be wrong - I'm thoroughly out of date on how things have chaned in
this area (scanpackages etal) between potato and woody.

> A slightly more ambitious replacement would be to generate the Packages
> files by taking the records out of the main archive's Packages files.

Same proviso applies.

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