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2.2_r6 jigdo files cdimage.d.o


I've just made some Jigdo files for the 2.2_r6 images.

Given that this is my first attempt at doing jigdo stuff, and that I did
some messing about with the archive that was used in order to be able to
snapshot the files that make up the CDs, there is a reasonable chance
that the jigdo files are drivel.

Having said that, I'm trying out i386 1_NONUS as I type, and it's
certainly downloading lots of stuff, so it may be OK :-).

The Jigdo files are here:


The archive tree from which they were made is here:


which is a directory tree populated with hard links, so effectively
takes up no extra space on the server (until things start disapearing
from the pool) but meanwhile ensures that every file required to
reconstitute the CD images from the jigdo files will be available, even
if they are ever removed from the pool.

Assuming this approach works, I plan to adopt it for future Jigdo
builds, with an eye to making the initial mirrors use jigdo (once we're
happy with it), which would make the mad rush for CD images into a case
of grabbing a few tens of megabytes of jigdo files and then rebuilding
the images from the local archive (that practically every CD mirror also

Success/failure reports would be appreciated.  Also, if you can tell
that there's stuff missing from the jigdo file (i.e. bloating the
template file) please tell me whart, and I'll try to work out what's
wrong with my directory tree.

Cheers, Phil.
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