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2.2_r6 CDs at cdimage.d.o

Hi Folks,

Sorry about the delay, I'm afraid the release slipped by without my
noticing it.  In future, feel free to Cc: me in on the "Where are the
new CD images" message you send here, just to make sure that (as
happened in this case) I'd not been desubscribed from the list, and been
busy enough not to take too much notice of that fact.

Anyway, the new images are up for grabs in the normal place:


I've checked them over, but it would be good if people could test them,
and report back to the list.

BTW, I'm generating Jigdo files for these images.  Richard, am I right
in thinking that open:~atterer/bin/make-templates is the thing to do
this with --- I grabbed a copy, and changed the target directory & URL. 
Perhaps people could tell me if the jigdo files work for them when they
appear here:  http://cdimage.debian.org/cd-images/jigdo/

Cheers, Phil.
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