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Re: 2.4 kernel as default boot kernel on CD #1 ??

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On Thursday 04 April 2002 14:13, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Le Thu, Apr 04, 2002 at 07:17:58AM -0800, Jim Westveer écrivait:
> > Hi,
> > - --
> > Question:
> >
> > Would there be any objections to setting the default
> > boot kernel on woody CD#1 to the bf2.4 flavor ???
> I guess it's a bit late for this change since it probably means that we
> have to update the documentation (unless it has not yet been done).
> However I don't know which documentation I'm talking about :-/

Actually that would be:

it mentions (incorrectly) the boot flavors that will be found on the 3.0 
CD's;  so that needs to be updated anyway.  

The 2.4bf kernel has actually been available for quite some time, I am
just suggesting that it be the 'default' kernel for the i386 CD#1.  It solves
many problems when installing on newer hardware, whos function/devices
are not supported by older kernels.

- --side note, I have tested this change, burned a disk, and done a few
test installs, and actually it has worked flawlessly for me.....not that that
means anything....;-)

> We have the README.html stuff in debian-cd, there may be references to
> debian-cd in the boot floppies documentation, and of course the
> debian-cd web site. Would someone check if all are mostly up to date wrt
> woody stuff ?

The README.txt  for woody does not mention 2.2.xx kernels, although 
it still says that one is installing version 2.2 (potato) [humm]  

> Apart from that, I'd like to hear from debian-boot if there is any
> restrictions of use for the bf2.4 flavor ?


> And last, woody ought to be 2.2 based and not 2.4 based ... but since I
> also find it lame to use 2.2.x by default nowadays ...

I disagree,  2.4.x kernels have been out for over 2 years.....we should
not release a "new" version of Debian with such an outdated kernel !
[appologies in advance to the boot-floppy group for all their hard work]

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