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Re: Version 0.6.4 of jigdo-lite??

Hi Etienne,

On Tue, Mar 19, 2002 at 01:52:15PM -0500, Mr. Cylinder wrote:
> I'm unable to download the unofficial woody isos with jigdo-lite for
> windows (v. 0.6.3). All I get is an error message which says:
> : Invalid host name.
> Could not fetch `'!
> I guess there are new templates that don't fit with the old
> jigdo-lite version.

That's correct, there were two changes which break the old jigdo-lite
for Windows:

 - The template file format has changed (in 0.6.3)
 - The jigdo files are gzipped (supported by the Unix jigdo-lite since

> Will there be also a new version for jigdo-lite like for Debian?

Not by me - sorry! Maybe someone else will step up and fix it.

Note that if you gunzip the .jigdo files manually, it might still



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