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Re: Woody PowerPC ISOs

On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 10:34:51PM +0100, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> > I'd like to install Woody via CD-ROM on my iBook2 in order to
> > diagnose and fix boot-floppies bug #135594.  I haven't been able
> > to find the ISOs.  Do they exist?  If so, where do I find them?
> You can get them at powerpc.trasno.net via rsync (prefered), http, ftp
> (least prefered). 

Thanks.  Due to a firewall, I'll have to use http.

> What I don't know is the boot floppies that were used when
> building those images, I suppose looking at actual directory of disks-powerpc
>  360   Feb  9 17:08   3.0.19-2002-02-09
>   80   Mar  4 08:26   base-images-3.0.20-2002-03-04
>   29   Mar  5 02:18   base-images-current -> base-images-3.0.20-2002-03-04
>   17   Feb 10 00:06   current -> 3.0.19-2002-02-09
> that the bf that were used where 3.0.19-2002-02-09, BTW, can anybody explain
> this base-images-current stuff? I'm building the CDs using a partial mirror
> and I'm not mirroring base-images* only current, I have not seen any error
> about not having base-images* is ther any problem with this?

base-images-* are tarballs of the packages unpacked by
debootstrap.  If the packages are already included on the CD
(via tasks/base-woody), base-images-* does not need to be.

> Why are base-images version 3.0.20 and boot-floppies version 3.0.19?

They are generated at different times by different groups.  As
long as no packages were removed between versions, it should be

> Mat: If you need 3.0.20 to test that tell me where to download them from and
> I'll build with them ;-)

Hmm, I'd have thought someone would have built it for PowerPC by
now...I'll prod some people.


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