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[Fwd: Re: Demographic analysis of debian user's language (was Re: b-f one-liner needs translating]

It would be great if debian-cd could include these files somehow.


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On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 10:33, Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:
> Perhaps if you put all the localisation data for each language into a
> separate file that is searched for in the root directory of the
> floppy, then people could download a localisation file separately and
> copy it onto the floppy. It wouldn't then matter so much which
> localisations are included with the standard floppy image. Also, it
> would be possible to add and update localisations without rereleasing
> the floppy image.

The image on the root floppy disk is compressed, which will make it
awkward for users to add extra files there.

I've checked in some changes to the boot-floppies to allow extra
language catalogs to be shipped on the CD.  This is obviously no help to
people who are booting from floppy disk, but it's probably better than

For those on debian-boot, the drill is that dbootstrap searches for
extra languages in /.xlp/messages.XX on the CD during program startup. 
Any catalogs it finds are copied into /etc from where LC will pick them
up.  The build process creates an archive xlp.tgz containing the
catalogs for everything in $(langs), and i386-specials/mini-iso.sh knows
how to put it onto the CD.


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