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Re: Bug#123948: can someone test the patch?

On Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 06:23:40PM -0800, David Kimdon wrote:
> One things that came up in the BTS is that the debian-cd package
> currently doesn't need to manipulate the *.bin images that
> boot-floppies makes for it.  If I understand correctly what we are
> discussing here the debian-cd package will need to 'mount -o loop'
> during the build to add those files.  That will have to be done as
> root.  At one point we were trying to avoid that.

They already create the .disk/info file, so it doesn't seem like
creating .disk/kernel_installable or .disk/base_installable
should require any more privileges.  Someone please correct me
if I'm wrong, though.


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