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Problem with 20020222 Woody images for PowerPC on iBook2


I was installing Debian from scratch on a brand-new
Apple iBook 600 MHz - the new one with the softmodem,
warning everyone!! - and ran into the following

1. If using kernel 2.4, when trying to install the
kernel and modules it fails to mount the CD-ROM. Had
to go back to kernel 2.2

2. Using kernel 2.2, after installing the base system
the installer froze. If I drop myself to the console
and kill the bootstrap process, it re-spawned on the
console itself - thus leaving me with no functional
terminal - and would not accept keyboard input. 

3. Thus I had to restart and skip to the 'make system
bootable' step, but after rebooting I discovered that
the system is so bare-bones that even /etc/fstab is
not configured. Had to pass the kernel option
'root=/dev/hdaXX rw' to get the root partition mounted

4. One thing I forgot: Installer would refuse to mount
my /boot partition, which is 15MB formatted as ext2.
It insisted that it would only mount ext2/3
partitions, which this one clearly is! The partition
type, of course, is Apple_UNIX_SVR2, is it what's
causing the problem?

The partition table is as follows:

hda1 - Apple's partition map
hda2-8 - MacOS9 drivers
hda9 - MacOS9/X
hda10 - Bootstrap (HFS)
hda11 - /boot	(ext2)
hda12 - swap
hda13 - root	(ext3 - created with the 2.4 kernel)

Despite all this I managed to get the system running
by manually modifying fstab, but a user installing
from scratch would be rather... horrified I would say.
Any chance this would be fixed before Woody goes gold?

Ah, and one more thing. What is the recommended way to
check an ext3 filesystem after a system lock-up?
(Using kernel 2.4.16-pmac and trying to load
dmasound_pmac). I recall on YDL it would just replay
the transaction journal but could not remember how
this was done.

Regards, and thanks for the excellent work,


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