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mirroring -- in and out


Inexactly, I'm trying to get "i386" and "src" parts of pool (not from
old potato, from woody).

All these docs meantion USING "rsync" but not any rsync servers that
open.  (ie,

CVS could be a choice -- but the repository for /debian/pool is not
published either.

And again, when I use wget, for some reason it just stalls.  What is
their left???

I might be interested in becoming an "allways rsynced" mirror if you
need a dual-isdn speed mirror.

But I can't do that without getting the images to start with!!

As far as mirroring potato?  Its too old.

I recently downloaded "potato" and its pretty much a waste of a download
considering that the newer set of packages have evolved so quickly.

BTW: why is it such a pain in the to get the current tree???

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