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Re: The first CD is too big..

[Philip Charles]
> I had exactly the same problem.  There is a new directory
> ../woody/main/disks-i386/base-images-20020127 which takes up the
> extra room on the first CD.

Thanks.  It seem to be two copies of the base debs.

Did you find out why?  And how to get rid of it?  I thought
debootstrap used the debs directly, and had no need for the old base
floppies.  I know I don't want to spend 50 MB on my CD on two
redundant copies of the base packages. :-)

  26M     basedebs.tar
  26M     images-1.44/
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-01.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-02.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-03.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-04.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-05.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-06.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-07.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-08.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-09.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-10.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-11.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-12.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-13.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-14.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-15.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-16.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-17.bin
  1.5M    images-1.44/base-18.bin
  196k    images-1.44/base-19.bin

And why isn't basedebs.tar compressed?  A 'gzip -9' would save 4 MB on
the CD.

Anyone know more?

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