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Re: jigdo 0.6.2


just FYI: There's a problem with the handling of fallback servers in
0.6.2's jigdo-lite. Anybody who wants to *create* jigdo files that use
the feature should read on. Other people need not worry.

The gory details:

For files that *disappear* from the mirror, everything is fine and
jigdo-lite tries the fallback server after the failed download. 
However, for files that *changed* on the mirror, it doesn't realize it
should try the fallback server.

Unfortunately, the problem cannot be fixed easily - a quick fix would
be possible, but it would be too much of a hack IMHO. So my plan is to
actually leave this unfixed for the moment. :-/

Thus, people who want to offer Debian CD images via jigdo should
exclude certain files from being scanned, so that those files end up
in the template. I recommend something like:

find /my/mirror// -type f \
  | egrep -v '/Contents|/Packages|/README|INDEX$|/Maintainers|/Release$|/debian-keyring\.tar\.gz$|/ls-lR|//doc/[^/]+/?[^/]*\.(txt|html)$' \
  | jigdo-file --files-from=- ...

Many thanks to Attila Nagy and Thomas Arnold for their help and
comments! As some people may have noticed, Attila has set up a
fallback server on fsn.hu - other creators of jigdo files can also
reference it in their .jigdo files:




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