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Re: 2.2r5 CDs - feedback?

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> I've had next to no feedback from you lot about the r5 images. Yes / no?

go for it - from a mirror point of view. unfortunately i think the current
system doesn't encourage a whole heap of end user feedback - only mirror
admins and they are probably too busy anyway (and if they are developers it
is probably worse in terms of available time, for testing).

in future, we need a methodology of moving the new images `out' but in a
"release candidate" fashion so that vendors don't attempt to burn these,
but there is some timeline for end users to know about a "testing period"
and for it to propagate out to mirrors so they can download it normally.

i am one of the mirrors who manually puts my cd images together (using
PIK) and then syncs against cdimage.  i don't simply sync against the
whole site (including the test directories) because it's far too slow
and if any mistakes happen, it could take weeks to recover from.



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