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Re: Multi-boot CDs

> In a rash moment I offered to make the H3 Hurd CD1 multi-boot.
> Unfortunately I cannot get multi-boot to work.  I do not know if it is my
> machine or me.

Umm, my experience is that some modern machines support it (I have a via
based PIII with weird award bios that does) and some others don't (at work we
have a PIII with a weird bios, not award that doesn't). On the machines that
doesn't work all I get is the standard stuff booting, so no problem with

Also, I'd like to note that the Smart Boot Manager
(http://btmgr.sourceforge.net) does support booting from a lot of devices,
among them, IDE CDs even though the BIOS does not support this, and the
btmgr code to do this does support multiboot CDs perfectly.

So if your computer does not allow you to boot from CD or doesn't allow
multiboot, you can always install the Smart Boot Manager and have it
multiboot whatever you want ;-)

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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